Burak Taşdizen
Orient-Institut Istanbul
Susam Sokak 16, D. 8
TR—34433 Cihangir – Istanbul
phone +90—212—2936067 ext. 128
e-mail tasdizen@oiist.org

This is a list of exhibitions Taşdizen has participated. 


Cyborg Encounters
A group exhibition exploring cyborg pluriverses, supervised by Dr. Melike Şahinol and exhibited as part of STS Turkey 2019 at ITU.

Exhibited work:
Ecomasculinist Pregnancy


Field Notebook as a Research Tool/Apparatus
A group exhibition that explores the shared practice of keeping field notebooks across disciplines from biology to anthropology and design.

Exhibited works:
Offering Table for Uncertain Futures
thefieldnotebook ︎


METU ID Graduation Projects
A group exhibition showcasing graduation projects of METU ID Class 2014.  

Exhibited work: Tofa