Burak Taşdizen
Orient-Institut Istanbul
Susam Sokak 16, D. 8
TR—34433 Cihangir – Istanbul
phone +90—212—2936067 ext. 128
e-mail tasdizen@oiist.org

This is a list of Taşdizen’s interviews / talks.


Talk at the EASST/4S 2020 “Everyday Cyborgs: Men with Implanted/Transplanted Hair and its Eigensinn” with Melike Şahinol

Talk at the EASST/4S 2020Dis/media Assemblages Surrounding the Care for Street Cats of Istanbul

Interview with Milan Vukašinović of ANAMED
Feline Entanglements – Commons,
Compassion, and Care

Talk at the Orient-Institut Istanbul
“Cartography of Hair:y_less Masculinities: An Introduction” with Melike Şahinol

Chat with Epicene

Interview with Max Weber Stiftung
The Medicalization of Bodies Is a Gendered Practice

Talk at the Orient-Institut Istanbul
“Post-human Feminist Theory:
Body Modification and Empowerment”


Talk at Center for Spatial Justice
İnsanın Dışında, Tasarımın Ötesinde:
Sokak Hayvanları, Geçici Birleştirmeler ve Tasarım Aktivizmi

Talk at 2nd International Symposium on Men and Masculinities “#SağlamTipler: An Exploration of Idealised Masculinity on Hornet”

Talk at Türkiye’de Erkeklik Çalışmaları: Sorunlar ve İmkanlar “#SağlamTipler: Hornet’te İdealize Edilen Erkekliğin Bir Araştırması" 


Talk at Istanbul Medipol University
“Politics of the Knitting Pattern: Ethnography of Knitting Practice and a Women’s Knitting Community”


Talk at SALT Galata
Welcome speech for “Multidisciplinary Thinking: Empowering Women Through Design” collaboration with KEDV & Livstycket as part of 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial

Talk at 15th Annual STS Conference: Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies
“Between open-source and commerce: micropolitics of authorship and originality in a knitting community”

Talk at METU
Social Media in a Knitting Community
in Ankara, Turkey


Talk at 4T: Design in Times of Turmoil
“Immoral objects: A psychogeography of gentrification in Ulus”