Burak Taşdizen
Orient-Institut Istanbul
Susam Sokak 16, D. 8
TR—34433 Cihangir – Istanbul
phone +90—212—2936067 ext. 128
e-mail tasdizen@oiist.org

Beyond its Function [İşlevinin Ötesinde]

Participant work from Beyond its Function 2017.
Beyond its Function is a workshop series that explores, after Gibson1, the material affordances of objects with non-designer high-schoolers, participants who have an interest in but are not (yet) trained in design. The workshop aims to challenge and dissolve the prevalent notion of ‘function’ in design discourse, and challenges participants to think beyond conventional, designed functions towards engaged, materially unbounded interactions. 

1. Gibson, J. J. (1977). The theory of affordances. Hilldale, USA, 1(2). Read here: https://monoskop.org/images/2/2c/Gibson_James_J_1977_The_Theory_of_Affordances.pdf


Beyond its Function started in 2017 by the research assistants Burak Taşdizen and Pelin Günay at Özyeğin University as part of Özyeğin University Summer School for Highschool Students Architecture and Design Module. The workshop continued in 2019.

Photographs: Burak Taşdizen, Pelin Günay.